Thursday, 11 December 2014

Auction of Kala KA-ASAC-C Solid Acacia Concert Ukulele PACKAGE inc Hardcase Tuner Worth $780

Life is too short to play a crappy instrument, 
Happy Strumming is where it's at.

So here is my Incredible Christmas Auction,
99c Start
No Reserve
Merry Christmas.

Ukulele and Case Package $780
Kala KA-ASAC-C All Solid Acacia Wood Concert Size Ukulele
and Alligator Hardcase with inbuilt hygrometer & thermometer.

KA-ASAC-C Ukulele (RRP $550)

Alligator Hardcase  ($125)

Clip On Headstock Tuner ($15)
Setup ($50)
Shipping Registered and Insured (approx $40 value within Australia).

That's a Ukulele and Case Package worth $780

Warranty and After sales backup from an Official Aussie Kala Ukulele Dealer

Your Choice of
1. Aquila or Worth Strings. 
2. Low or High G String.
3. Right or Left-handed.



Kala have got a lot of things right with their acacia range of ukes. They’re obviously going after a more serious ukulele player but they’re keeping it affordable by using Acacia wood (a close relation of Koa and much cheaper) and manufacturing it in China.

'Definitely worth checking these Solid Acacia ukuleles
out if you’re in the market for a quality uke,
but don’t have a massive budget.'

Solid woods are usually reserved for high end professional luthier constructed ukuleles great to see a solid wood ukulele at this mid range price point. If you were looking for a beautiful, solid wood concert in this price range, then put this All Solid Acacia Concert from Kala on you short list, check out the pictures and the sound demo and you may find that the KA-ASAC-C may be just what you want.

Size: Concert
14-7/8 Concert Scale (Distance from Nut to Saddle)
24-3/8 Overall body length
11 Body length
6 Upper Bout
8-1/4 Lower Bout
5 Waist
2-1/4 to 2-3/4 Arched Back Body depth
1-3/8 At Nut
All solid Acacia Top, Sides and Back
Rosewood Binding with herringbone purfling
18 Silver Nickel Frets
Custom vine Fret position Marks at 5th,7th,10th and 12th frets on neck and top of fingerboard
Rosewood Fingerboard and Bridge
Ebony Nut and Saddle
Mahogany neck
Multi-Layered Headstock cap with carved Kala logo
Satin Finish
Chrome Die-Cast Tuners with black buttons

Ukulele and Case Package $780
Kala KA-ASAC-C All Solid Acacia Wood Concert Size Ukulele
and Alligator Hardcase with inbuilt hygrometer & thermometer.

KA-ASAC-C Ukulele (RRP $550)

Alligator Hardcase  ($125)

Clip On Headstock Tuner ($15)
Setup ($50)
Shipping Registered and Insured (approx $40 value within mainland Australia).

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

The ALL-NEW Kala Guitalele Now Available In Australia rrp $395 Aussie Includes Setup and Headstock tuner

The ALL-NEW Kala Guitalele has arrived Downunder and surprisingly the RRP of $395 is lower than the USA RRP... sweet.

Tuned A-D-G-C-E-A
Solid Spruce Top
Hawaiian Koa Back and Sides
Mahogany Binding and Rosette
Rosewood Fingerboard
Slotted Headstock with Koa cap
Grover tuners
Satin Finish
(Fits any of our tenor size cases or bags)

KALA’s Guitarlele is 'The New Voice in Town"
Kala Brand Music’s new hybrid instrument, the Guitarlele, will delight guitar players
looking for the perfect travel guitar as well as ukulele players exploring guitar for the first

The six stringed instrument is tuned to A-D-G-C-E-A and projects a bright full tone,
similar to capoing up on the 5th fret of a regular guitar. A solid spruce top and Koa back
and sides project a full rich sound that makes the guitarlele the perfect choice for all
players seeking to add a new voice to their sound repertoire. .

Features include a select solid spruce top, Koa back and sides, mahogany binding and
rosette, slotted headstock with Koa cap, Grover Tuners, rosewood fingerboard, and
satin finish. Kala’s model number is KA-GL-KOA 

Not many available in this first shipment, so if you want to expand into guitalele give me a call or send me an email and i can hook you up.

Remember every ukulele I sell gets a setup... no lemons or nasty surprises.  

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Ohana SK-28 Soprano Ukulele Vintage Series Limited Edition Solid Mahogany $365 with hard-case, tuner and Set-up.

In a world overflowing with 'ME TOO' Cookie Cutter ukuleles the Ohana  SK-28 is a breath of fresh air... the tone, the feel, the look, really are a world away from mass  produced blandness. 

And at $365 AUD somewhat of a bargain as my Package Includes Hardcase, Setup, Tuner, Shipping within Australia

Launched recently overseas the SK-28 is another homage to a vintage instrument, inspired by  the instruments introduced to Hawaii by the likes of legendary luthiers Manuel Nunes and
Augusto Dias.
"The Ohana SK-28 model is copied from  an ORIGINAL UKULELE made by cabinet maker Augusto Dias." 

The 'Figure 8' or 'Peanut' body shape is a true classic, it is the closest relative of the  Portuguese instruments brought to the Hawaiian islands.  Dias and Manuel Nunes the earliest
ukulele makers and crafted ukuleles for more than 40 years and are legend amongst ukulele  enthusiasts.

History tells that Samuel Kamaka and Nunes own son, Leonardo, were apprentices and continued making quality ukuleles. In 1998, the Ukulele Hall of Fame inducted Manuel Nunes  into their honorees.

Louis Wu of Ohana Music has come up with a fantastic homage to the 'original' ukulele, made  in the traditional style.

If you are serious about your ukulele playing and uke collecting then a 'Peanut' body style soprano  is a must have for you.

This soprano has such a pleasing warm tone and easy playability that you soon realise that the  old master Luthiers really were onto something good.


  • $365 AUD Includes Hardcase, Setup, Tuner, Shipping within Australia
  • Premium solid mahogany top/back and sides
  • Ebony nut and saddle
  • Classic rope rosette and purfling
  • Satin finish
  • Friction tuners
  • Aquila strings

Thursday, 23 October 2014

TK-10 Ohana Ukulele Mahogany Tenor. And just $135 Aussie Dollars

Ohana's best-value Tenor Ukulele, this uke has great sound and action at a price that might surprise you! 

The TK-10S is the entry level Tenor Size Ohana ukulele from their 10 Series Range of  California USA designed but China built ukuleles.  The Entry level Tenor ukulele it may be...but you know what?  The TK-10S sounds good and is easy to play.

Plenty of volume, and clean tone by the bucket load in this tenor. Works well for a wide range of playing styles, from  vigorous strumming and gentle picking.

The neck feels great (a feature of Ohana instruments)

And considering it's price point, it scrubs up as a really good Tenor uke that won't cost you an arm and a leg.

Mahogany top, back & sides
Rosewood fingerboard & bridge
Bone nut & saddle
Die-cast geared tuners

A very good value Tenor ukulele, ideal for a first foray into the longer scale length.  Classic lines and traditional sound define this great value from Ohana!

And for only $135 bucks they play fantastic, sound sweet and offer CHEAP FUN FUN  FUN.

Ohana is an American ukulele brand based in California.  All their Ukuleles are their own, designed in California and Manufactured in China. Their goal is to provide the highest quality product at a reasonable price. Every ukulele that leaves their warehouse is carefully inspected and set up for maximum playability. Yes that's right — EVERY UKULELE.

MANY MORE Ukuleles, Strings, Tuners, Cases, Capos & Accessories in-stock.

I Carry a Huge Range of Kala & Ohana Ukuleles, Aquila & Worth Ukulele Strings.

Fancy Something Else?

Please Contact me and I can arrange it for you, your dream ukulele, Set-up just like you want.

Ukulele Workshops & Private Tuition: Corporate Training Days, Community Centres, Local Councils, Schools... contact me to arrange a program tailored for you.


Sunday, 19 October 2014

Big Heart Guitar Slides MADE IN THE USA Clearance of my last three.

Another clearance of my old guitar shop stock.  This is New Old Stock as they say... lucky for you all that guitars slides don't go off like strings or fruit.

Of course you can always play slide on a ukulele you know.

I have 1 Bronze guitar slide and 2 Porcelain Guitar slides from Big Heart Slides USA.

"Made By Slide Players,
For Slide Players."

Queenbee Drippin’ Blues Slide.
BHS-QDB RRP $39.95

Queenbee Drippin’ Blues Slide. Straight cylindrical porcelain slide with domed end. Triple glaze finish. A Unique porcelain slide.

Queen Bee Angel
BHS-QA RRP $39.95

BigHeart BHS-QA Queenbee Angel Slide. Straight cylindrical porcelain slide with angel graphics and domed end. A Unique porcelain slide.

Bronze Bomber
BHS-BB RRP $39.95

BigHeart BHS-BB Bronze Bomber Slide. Traditional design. 3/16” solid heavy bronze wall.   A classic!  Made from cast red bronze with thick walls for extra tone. Great for acoustic and resonator guitars

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Ohana TK-35G-5 Five String Tenor ukulele ALL Solid Mahogany wood

Ohana TK-35G-5
Five String Tenor Ukulele 
ALL Solid Mahogany wood.

$549 RRP in Australia

Comes with; 
1. FREE Hardcase
2. FREE Postage in Australia
3. FREE Headstock Tuner
4. Warranty and After Sales Service Backup from Aussie KALA Ukulele Dealer.

Life is too short to play a crappy instrument;
Happy Strumming is where it’s at. 

"Ohana Ukuleles, Made To Be Played" is the company slogan... and they are not messing about.

Ohana ukuleles are some of the most inexpensive solid wood ukuleles around, and the TK-35G-5 is all solid mahogany, not just the top, but the back and sides too.  A deep gloss finish and fine details adorn this solid mahogany tenor ukulele with outstanding tone and playability.

Ahhh,   every ukulele player's conundrum... High-G or Low-G!?
With Ohana's unique 5-String model, featuring both G's, all the guess work has been taken out!

Personally I think it sounds amazing...Very loud and boy that low and High G string combo is fantastic, Jangle from the Octave G Strings but you still have single course of C E and A strings for picking and runs etc...

Very happy to have added this model to the range of Ohana ukuleles available in Australia.

Well having the g strings doubled up (similar to a 12 string guitar), with the high G and low G an octave apart adds a much fuller bodied rhythm tone, gives it a beautiful and interesting sound but still a ukulele sound..

The Ohana TK-35G-5 has a big sound with a bit of jangle. It’s actually a very loud instrument.
The other strings are normal single and so the cea strings do not sound different to the normal 4 string ukulele.

The uke is a tenor, and is made from solid mahogany, imparting a more full tone but still a bright attack to notes… very rock.

Being a Solid Wood ukulele it will sound even better as it opens up over the years. As the wood dries out it becomes stiffer and lighter and become even better at transferring string energy to the sound waves we hear.

The headstock on the 5 string is visibly longer than an ordinary ukulele's headstock to accommodate the extra 5th string tuning key.

This is a top of the line instrument with its beautiful gloss finish that makes it look as good as it sounds.

Like with all Ohana instruments the workmanship is superb. Ohana ukuleles may be made in China but they all travel to you via Ohana Head office in the USA where they go through a detailed premium adjustment, ready to play.

Solid Mahogany Top/Back/Sides
Body Binding
Grover Geared Tuners
Rosewood Fingerboard & Bridge
Bone Nut & Saddle
Aquila Strings
Gloss Finish

VIDEO REVIEW with Ken Middleton