Monday, 20 April 2015

Five String Ukulele Ohana TK-35G-5 Tenor Size Uke

TK-735G-5 Five String Tenor Ukulele.
All Solid Mahogany wood.
RRP is $549 In Australia.

FREE Quality Hardcase
FREE Headstock Tuner
FREE Setup included
FREE Postage
Warranty and After Sales Service Backup from Aussie Ohana Ukulele Dealer.

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Call 0434 306 920 or email 


Life is too short to play a crappy instrument;
Happy Strumming is where it’s at. 

"Ohana Ukuleles, Made To Be Played" is the company slogan... and they are not messing about.

Ohana ukuleles are some of the most inexpensive solid wood ukuleles around, and the TK-35G-5 is all solid mahogany, not just the top, but the back and sides too.  A deep gloss finish and fine details adorn this solid mahogany tenor ukulele with outstanding tone and playability.

Ahhh,   every ukulele player's conundrum... High-G or Low-G!?
With Ohana's unique 5-String model, featuring both G's, all the guess work has been taken out!

Personally I think it sounds amazing...Very loud and boy that low and High G string combo is fantastic, Jangle from the Octave G Strings but you still have single course of C E and A strings for picking and runs etc...

Very happy to have added this model to the range of Ohana ukuleles available in Australia.

Well having the g strings doubled up (similar to a 12 string guitar), with the high G and low G an octave apart adds a much fuller bodied rhythm tone, gives it a beautiful and interesting sound but still a ukulele sound..

The Ohana TK-35G-5 has a big sound with a bit of jangle. It’s actually a very loud instrument.
The other strings are normal single and so the cea strings do not sound different to the normal 4 string ukulele.

The uke is a tenor, and is made from solid mahogany, imparting a more full tone but still a bright attack to notes… very rock.

Being a Solid Wood ukulele it will sound even better as it opens up over the years. As the wood dries out it becomes stiffer and lighter and become even better at transferring string energy to the sound waves we hear.

The headstock on the 5 string is visibly longer than an ordinary ukulele's headstock to accommodate the extra 5th string tuning key.

This is a top of the line instrument with its beautiful gloss finish that makes it look as good as it sounds.

Like with all Ohana instruments the workmanship is superb. Ohana ukuleles may be made in China but they all travel to you via Ohana Head office in the USA where they go through a detailed premium adjustment, ready to play.

Solid Mahogany Top/Back/Sides
Body Binding
Grover Geared Tuners
Rosewood Fingerboard & Bridge
Bone Nut & Saddle
Aquila Strings
Gloss Finish

Sunday, 19 April 2015

TK-70KE Ohana Tenor Ukulele with FREE Hardcase and FREE Setup

TK-70KE Ohana Tenor Ukulele
TK-70KE Ohana Tenor Ukulele
The TK-70KE Tenor Size Ukulele comes from Ohana Ukuleles Limited Edition Range of Premium ukuleles.
RRP is $650 In Australia.
FREE quality hardcase and FREE setup included.

Call 0434 306 920 or email 

Featuring a combination of Solid Spruce wood top with mildly flamed Koa wood back and sides results in a bright tone with the Koa offering that big sustain and full sound.
TK-70KE Ohana Tenor Ukulele
The faux tortoise shell binding creates a a really upmarket look too separating the classy Spruce Top and the golden honey toned Koa Wood sides.

The quality Belcat Preamp of the Pick-up is fitted perfectly into the side of the ukulele.

The gloss finish is very good too, it will offer a strong long-lasting protection of the woods and it is applied smooth as glass.

Gold tuning Machines with small black buttons suit the look of the headstock.  Also the small head buttons are so much easier to use, a thoughtful touch.

TK-70KE Ohana Tenor UkuleleThe TK-70KE is an Electric Acoustic ukulele and features pick-up with a 3 band eq with on-board pre-amp, output is strong and clear, with plenty of range in tones available from the Treble and Bass sliders, from Dark Smooth Jazz to Bright Country or Funk tones can be had.

Keeping with the quality focus of Ohana the Ukulele is fitted with a bone nut and saddle.  Bone is not very easy to work with at all, shaping and cutting bone is difficult precision work , and time consuming.  Fitting plastic parts would have been much easier and quicker BUT when "ultimate tone" is the goal, then fitting quality components  is essential, no mater how much longer they take to shape.

The gloss finished applied is smooth and blemish free.  To achieve a fine glass like gloss finish takes time and lots of it, with many coats of spray and hand sanding between coats required to get a finish this smooth.

Solid spruce top
Flamed koa back & sides
Rosewood fingerboard & bridge
Tortoise shell binding front, back, headstock
Active 3-band EQ
Bone nut & saddle
Aquila strings
Gloss finish

The TK-70KE Tenor Size Ukulele comes from Ohana Ukuleles Limited Edition Range of Premium ukuleles.
RRP is $650 In Australia.
FREE quality hardcase and FREE setup included.

Call 0434 306 920 or email 

TK-70KE Ohana Tenor Ukulele

TK-70KE Ohana Tenor Ukulele

TK-70KE Ohana Tenor Ukulele

TK-70KE Ohana Tenor Ukulele

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Beginners and Intermediate ukulele group Term 1 Kicks off Monday 2nd Feb 2015

“If everyone played Ukulele the world would be a better place” Jake Shimabukuro 
WHEN: BEGINNERS UKULELE Mondays 6:30 - 7:30pm 
(Term 1 Starting Monday 2nd Feb 2015) 

WHEN: INTERMEDIATE UKULELE Mondays 8:00 - 9:00pm 
(Term 1 Starting Monday 2nd Feb 2015) 

WHERE: the Ink Pot Arts’ Creative Hub, 
upstairs in the Town Hall Building, Gawler Street, Mount Barker, near The Barker Pub. 

Join in the Fun..

Hosted by CC of The Ukulele Trading Co Australia. 

Everyone is welcome to the most friendly uke groups on the planet. 

Never played before?... no worries come join us. 

Played an instrument in your younger days and want to get back into music?... no worries come join us. 

Like singing along to songs... now worries come join us. 

You WILL be playing songs easier than you ever though possible.. 

Learn Rhythm Strums. 

Learn the Chords to get you playing. 

Lots of Cool Songs any beginner can play 

Practice Tips to get you playing FAST. 

Find your "Inner Rockstar" and let them loose on ukulele 

“Ukulele washes away the dust of everyday life” Unknown author 

NO UKULELE YET = NO PROBLEM as Loaner ukuleles are supplied for the first night, 
Students can purchase a quality ukulele at discount prices from the Teacher 
or bring your own. 

Phone 0429 673 327 
Email Jo-anne Sarre Artistic Director Ink Pot Arts 

“If everyone played Ukulele the world would be a better place” Jake Shimabukuro

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Try out Ukulele - FREE and ukuleles supplied.

FREE COME AND TRY UKULELE LESSON at Adelaide Hills Farmers Market Saturday 17th Jan 10:30am Mount Barker.

Ukuleles supplied or bring your own.

Presented by Ink Pot Arts’ AHUG (Adelaide Hills Ukulele Group) 

Ever wondered what it’s like to strum a ukulele? Well, wonder no more, because here’s your chance to have a go! 

As Jake Shimabukuro says, “If everyone played the ukulele, the world would be a better place”.

WHERE:  Adelaide Hills Farmer’s Market

WHEN:    10.30-11.00am, Saturday 17th January

TUTOR:   Christopher Carr (aka CC)

COST:      Free!

 Christopher teaches Ink Pot Arts’ Beginners and Intermediate Uke classes on Monday nights, starting Monday 2nd Feb 6.30pm. Or if you want to join our Absolute Beginners, they are happening Saturday 21st Feb and Saturday 21st March, 2-3.30pm. For more details contact Jo-anne on or 0429 673 327.

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Aquila Thundergut UBass Strings, Second hand. Off to ebay Auction.

I removed these Aquila Thundergut UBass strings from a UBass for a customer who wanted the Silver Rumblers as part of my included Setup.

I initially, but mistakenly, fitted the Thunderguts, but had to remove them when I discovered my error in the order requirements. 

The customer brought back his UBass and I made the string changeover. They have been sitting in my string drawer ever since.

So off to EBAY AUCTION they go so someone can get some pleasure/use out of them. 

CLICK TO GO TO ebay AUCTION Aquila Thundergut UBASS Strings

So here you have a set of  'used'  Aquila Thunderguts that need a good home.

Aquila Thundergut U-BASS Strings
Aquila strings of Italy introduced this new set, which is made with a proprietary plastic compound; a dense elastic-plastic blend. The result is a string with density, stability, and the ability to resonate at very low frequencies.

(Fits all 4 String U-BASSES)

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Violin Strings to clear Half Price and FREE Shipping in Australia


New Thomastik Dominant 3/4 size Violin Strings (I have 3 sets at $45 each).

These strings are the most popular strings in the world.
As used by some of the most renowned violinists in their concert appearances.
  • Dominant Violin Strings by Thomastik Infeld Vienna.
  • Size 3/4  
  • #135 Medium Strings.
  • Handmade in Austria.
  • Dominant strings are probably the most popular strings in the world. 
  • They are the default choice for many violinists, including in various combinations with other strings. 

The DOMINANT string is a highly flexible, multi-strand synthetic core string for tonal warmth and feel of gut and is impervious to changes in humidity, allowing for stable intonation and long life.

The sound is soft, clear and rich in overtones.

DOMINANT strings, widely recognized as “the reference standard”, are legendary for distinctive tone and playability.

These time-tested synthetic core strings are a great choice for students or anyone wanting a quality string at a reasonable price.

These strings, like all perlon core strings, have a highly flexible, multistrand and nylon core and cater for artists who feel uncomfortable with steel strings.

The sound of the Dominant string is full and mellow with rich overtones.
It is radiant and can project without sounding metallic.

Monday, 5 January 2015

Ukulele Lessons Salisbury, Adelaide, South Australia

The NUkes ukulele nights resume Tuesday 13th Feb at 7pm.
Come join the friendliest ukulele group in town, and all 
levels of experience welcome.  

FORMAT: Group Ukulele Lesson
Beginners for the first hour, then intermediate more challenging Ukulele stuff after 8pm.

Music sheets provided, reading music notation IS NOT required.
Loaner ukuleles available for those that want to come and try out ukulele, or those who bring a friend.

ENTRY: Gold Coin Donation

Hope you have all had a great holidays, that Santa got you that special ukulele and you have all practised your little fingers off.
Cheers CC

7pm till late.
Old Spot Hotel.
Main North Road,
South Australia.